Steel laser cutting is by far the most accurate way to cut sheet metal. Our 4,000-watt laser can cut steel up to .875 inch thick, stainless up to .700 of an inch thick and aluminum up to .625 of an inch thick. It can also cut copper, brass and titanium.
The parts you are watching being laser cut in the video are twenty gauge mild steel. We can also use our laser as a laser engraver to etch letters numbers and designs into the metal.

Steel laser cutting has revolutionized the sheet metal industry, offering closer tolerance parts and excellent repeatability.

Prior to the invention of the fiber laser, the lower the wattage the lower the cost to operate the laser. That has changed drastically; the fiber optics are three times faster than a conventional laser. Therefore, when it comes to steel laser cutting, we not only excel in speed but also in the economy department. We offer very competitive prices on laser cutting and laser engraving.

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