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Precision Sheet Metal Quotes

We will analyze the specifications of your precision sheet metal needs & submit a fair price.

If we see a way to save dollars, we will offer a suggestion. 

A quote is more than just a price. We understand that the quality and accuracy of our precision sheet metal capabilities directly reflects the quality of your product to your customers. We have a consistent history of quality precision sheet metal fabrication and we always quote a price that is fair.

We charge what we quote

As a matter of fact if you’re willing to pay cash we even offer a discount so you can pay less. The reason we are able to do that is because instead of throwing darts at a board we examine the blueprint to determine the customer’s requirement, then we calculate a price based on our actual costs for both material and labor. Then:

Our Service Beats the Competition

We have found out through the years that there is a lot more to sheet metal than just price. Here is a list of things that you may want to consider before making your next precision sheet metal purchase: Please feel free to download this comparison page in .pdf format.

Compare us with your vendor

Compare us with your vendor
 Tampa Sheet Metal Other Vendor
Convenient Location Yes
 25,000 sqft of manufacturing Yes
 72 years in the same location Yes
 Written Estimates No Add-ons Yes
 Reasonable Rates Yes
 Dual Quality Control Yes
 Courteous Service Yes
 Full Service House Yes
 Latest Technology Yes
 Fast turn-around Yes
 100% Prime metal Yes
All Metal Made in USAYes
Serving Tampa since 1920Yes
Same location since 1938Yes


Our quality control program is certified by both FM Approvals and Keystone Certifications.

We must pass two independent quality audits each year to maintain these certifications. We perform a first piece inspection, an in-process inspection, and a final inspection on all our parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell sheets of metal, partial sheets of metal or scrap pieces?

As a fabricator, we concentrate on fabricating parts made from sheet metal. We advise our customers to purchase sheets of metal from our local vendors and to purchase scrap from an authorized scrap dealer.

Do you fabricate one piece jobs and prototypes?

Unfortunately, making one of a kind items is expensive and doesn’t keep our shop employees productive, therefore we avoid them whenever possible.

Do you do field work or installation of parts on a job site?

We will be happy to fabricate your parts but we are not licensed to do any type of field or installation work.

Do you accept credit cards or Paypal?

No we don’t accept credit cards or Paypal

Can you cut plastics, glass, or G-board on the Laser?

Plastics require an Additional ventilator with a special filtration system to capture pollutants from entering the environment. Being a green company, we stick to what we do best we only cut sheet metal.