metal shearing

Our CNC turret punch press can punch steel up to a quarter inch thick, stainless up to a quarter inch thick and aluminum up to a quarter inch thick. The turret punch press can accommodate up to 36 different tools with one set up. We also have one of the largest CNC punching machines in the state of Florida; it can punch a six-inch diameter hole and it is rated at 45 tons. We can also punch sheets that are 60 inches wide and 144 inches long.

Wiedemann Electronic Control Panel
Although it mainly functions as a hole punch, it can also do other tasks. With the proper tooling it can form louvers, form dimples, emboss metal, form countersinks, part mark using steel stamps, form card guides for printed circuit boards, chamfer or miter corners and be used as an automatic punch press to blank out small parts from sheets of metal.