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Why Choose Tampa Sheet Metal?

Chase Gregory
Tampa Sheet Metal is owned and operated by the Jiretz family for over 100 years, and since the inception Tampa Sheet Metal was Founded by John Jiretz, Senior, has been run by the following family generations, and has always been dedicated to quality and service in the custom metal fabrication industry. Since 1920 TSM has taken pride on service andhave found out through the century that there is a lot more to sheet metal than just price. 
When searching for a company to complete your next metal fabrication project it is important to ask yourself if they can offer what we offer, better service and customer care. Our 25,000sqft facility with full service in-house machines to take you from project idea and concept to quick production and on-time delivery. All of the metals that we use are Made in the USA and our 100% prime metal to make your project last.  
The Tampa Sheet Metal team will analyze the specifications of your precision sheet metal needs & submit a fair price. If we see a way to save money in your project, we will offer the suggestions the benefit you, the customer.  A quote is more than just a price because we understand that the quality and accuracy of our precision sheet metal capabilities directly reflects the quality of your product to your customers. 
We have a consistent history of quality precision sheet metal fabrication.
We charge what we quote. As a matter of fact if you’re willing to pay cash we even offer a discount so you can pay less. The reason we are able to do that is because instead of throwing darts at a board we examine the blueprint to determine the customer’s requirement, then we calculate a price based on our actual costs for both material and labor. 
Our quality control program is certified by both FM Approvals and Keystone Certifications.
We must pass two independent quality audits each year to maintain these certifications. We perform a first piece inspection, an in-process inspection, and a final inspection on all our parts.
Our team are highly trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our business. Assisting a customer in taking a product from an idea to a completed product is our specialty
We offer free quotes and would be more than happy to help you on your next project. Visit Tampa Sheet Metal to learn more today. 
laser cutting steal engraved parts

Tampa Sheet Metal Specifies in Fiber Laser with Steel Metal Parts

Specifying fiber laser steel metal parts compared to other options reduces cost and meets higher quality standards. For companies outsourcing sheet metal parts for electrical, building, packaging, medical, oil, gas, marine, power generation, packaging, and other applications, should consider specifying steel fiber laser parts.


Why? Fiber laser steel cut parts are produced extremely fast, at precise measurements, allowing for more per parts per sheet. All three of these factors reduces the overall cost per part. In addition, the parts will be of higher quality compared to other options.

Other benefits of laser cut steel parts:

-Thick and/or thin materials can be efficiently processed
-Can produce parts that have curves
-Laser parts do not leave tool marks or scratches
-Setup time and programming are reduced
-No tool development time or tool inventory is needed
-Surfaces and edges are smoother


However, as everyone knows not all fiber lasers are created equal in terms of performance, quality, and reliability. This is why it is essential to investigate your vendor’s equipment before making a commitment for your parts.

Amada FO 4020NT Fiber Laser

To see more about our Amada Laser, and its capabilities, visit our Amada FO 4020NT fiber lasermachine page here –>

Tampa Sheet Metal, in business since 1920, has progressed from the early days of using hand tools into a modern facility of custom sheet metal manufacturing equipment including a laser running at the speed of light, robotic arc welding, and a fully integrated computer system running on Windows.